I’ve dealt with many lawyers, even the $1000 an hour ones, but Justin is the one I consistently recommend.
Zack T.

Justin goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his clients are happy. I would recommend Justin to anyone who needs a lawyer.
Jack, Baltimore

“I just wanted to say that Mark Anderson was an excellent bankruptcy lawyer. He always returned my phone call or e-mails to me on the SAME DAY (very rare with most attorneys). I went and interviewed three other lawyers; their prices were outrageous compared to Anderson Shen, PC (these were well known firms). I was a client of Anderson Shen, PC and I am very happy with the outcome of my case.” 

Todd, Forest Hills, NY

“I was going through bankruptcy. A lot of attorneys gave me only the price they would charge for my case and could not tell me if I would get my discharge. My cousin recommended Mark Anderson and told me to see him. Mark looked at my case and said don’t worry and that we will do our very best to win my case. He was the first attorney to keep my hopes up and he charged me such a low price for my case I thought he was making a mistake, but thats how much he charged. His staff always knew my name when they saw me; never asked my name. When mark saw me each time, he never opened my case to see who I was; he knew me by name and already knew what my case was about. I always emailed him when i had a question–sometimes at three in the morning and sometimes at nine in the evening–he was always there to answer my question. I was able to declare bankruptcy and I thank him and Anderson Shen, PC. I can go on and on about Mark Anderson and Anderson Shen, PC and how professional and respectful and helpful they are. The only thing I can say is give them a try. You wont be disappointed.”

Aehsanullah, Queens, NY

I was laid off in 2009 and had a mounting amount of debt. I was getting calls from creditors left and right. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. All the while still trying to find a job. I tried to pay some credit, but it was like throwing a pebble in water, still creating many ripple effects of interest fees and late fees.I decided to wipe my slate clean for once and for all. But I needed someone to guide me through the process,someone with knowledge,someone caring and someone who can make me laugh in a time of crisis. I did my research and found 123 Credit Counselors and met with Anderson Shen, PC. There, he walked me through the process and in a matter of months my debt was finalized and now I am able to start a fresh new life. Thanks again to the team and keep up the good work!
Marisol Miguel

The assistance I received from the attorneys at Anderson Shen, PC was excellent and affordable. The process from start to finish was explained and all my questions answered.  Their team who handled my matter was pleasant, well prepared and patient. I would gladly recommend this firm to anyone!
-Lisa La Porta-Martinez

I would like to extend my sincerest thank you to Anderson Shen, PC. Declaring bankruptcy has been the hardest decision I had to make. I am so glad that I had one of the most sincere and most knowledgeable lawyers to help guide me throughout the entire process. From the initial phone conversation, their team took the time to answer my questions and help me feel comfortable in sharing my situation. After meeting with him for the initial consultation, there was doubt in my mind that their team was very experienced in this area. he gave me as much time as I needed to answer all my questions, provide me with information and individual attention. The personalized attention I received from their team was above and beyond what I expected.  Their team responded to many emails and phone calls within 24 hours if not less and I was confident that he would not steer me wrong.  Anderson Shen, PC is a life-saver. He truly is experienced, honest, trust-worthy and is the best at what he does. Choosing Anderson Shen, PC as my lawyer has been the best decision I ever made and thankfully I am able to start over.
-S.A., Richmond Hill, NY

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